Petoneer Fresco Mini
Keep hydrated and healthy with flowing fresh water for pets!
1.9 Capacity
Low water alert
Noise Reduction
Universal USB Power
Do pets like drinking water?
Pets come from nature and love free-flowing water by nature. They don't like the water contained in a bowl. Pets' food has evolved into dry food from captured fresh prey as in the past. Drinking little water causes a slew of health problems, including dry hair, loss of appetite, and risk of urethral stones and kidney failure.
Water in a bowl seems to be clear and transparent, but not necessarily healthy. The truth is that you can not see a lot of impurities, scale, heavy metals, chlorine, odor, hair, dust in the air, etc.
Freshwater is essential for your furry family’s health.
Watering pets has been evolving! Smart technology is getting pets back to natural fresh water. Petoneer Fresco Mini offer nonstop fresh flowing water for your furry family. Every drop is fresh!
Quad-filtration keeps the water clean and fresh.
Ever working automatic circulation filtration keeps pumping clean water. Compared with the flooding fountains in the market, a high-density filter element consisting of PP cotton, coconut shell activated carbon, ion exchange resin and KDF is introduced. Water is running through filters to improve its quality and protect the urinary system effectively.
PP Cotton
Coconut shell activated carbon
Ion exchange resin
Nature Inspired Fountain
The innovative water circuit design makes the water more fresh and palatable. The flowing water is like a small stream down the mountain, which calls the wild nature of our loved ones!
Compact but capacious
Adequate water is running fresh in the small, but the capacious tank which can hold up to 1.9L of water. Cats, middle and small size dogs can be watered for days. Pet parents can travel with peace of mind for a couple of days!
Small dogs
Medium-sized dogs
*The duration varies depending on the actual size!
Tilt at the optimum angle
Pets never like the wet. With the 7° tilting biological engineering design, loved ones will not resist drinking water anymore. Moreover, the cervical spine will be protected at a comfortable angle. Water keeps flowing like a mountain stream, which helps the pets return to their natural state.
Cleaning is a Breeze!
The brilliant design of bucket separated from body make cleaning a breeze. When the bucket is lifted, the power will be cut off automatically. The interior of the water tank is extremely simple without any dead end. Cleaning and refilling is a breeze!
*When cleaning the fountain, DO DISCONNECT the power supply. Do not flush the metal contacts directly or soak in the water. Clean the body using dry cloth.
Intuitive operation with Visual LED Indicator
Blinking Blue
Filter has been used for 30days! Time to change!
Blinking Red
Low water
Red/Blue flashing alternatively once
Self test on power-up
Simple button design
Only one button is on the back side: less is more! Click once to turn the indicator on or off, press and hold to reset the filter life. The function of the buttons is minimized so that every family can get started quickly.
Hang-on low-voltage silent pump: Peaceful and quiet
The hang-on DC water pump not only makes cleaning a breeze, but also better reduces the vibration frequency with sound reduced to 35 dB, resulting in a comfortable and family-friendly environment.
Smart water-level checking and anti-dry burning
Regardless of the viewing window to see the water level, Fresco Mini checks the level automatically with its built-in sensor. Whenever water fell below the low level, the pump will cease to work with LED blinking in red to alert. The hardware failure caused by water shortage will be minimized.
Hole reserved for optional sterilizer and heater
On the top of tray, there is a hole reserved for the optional sterilizer and heater. Our loved ones can drink warm water, even in winter!
*The sterilizer and heater need to be purchased separately!
Design Breathes Love Into Every Detail
Large drinking reservoir
suitable for cats, small and mid-sized dogs.
Visible water level window
see water level changes to refill in time.
Anti-slip pad
Stable reinforcement, safe and anti-slip.
Perfect design of the edge height
Overflowing is prevented when pets drink.
Cable with silicone tie organization
Change the length quickly with adjusting holes.
Hidden button
The hidden button is placed at the back to avoid accidental trigger by pets.
We are Certified, We are Qualified!
Petoneer products comply with the laws and regulations into each country we ship. Our manufacturing facility is RoHS 2.0 compliant! Our products are designed, tested and approved to meet worldwide standards for Product Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility and other regulatory compulsory requirements, when used for their intended purpose.


Model No:FSL020
Input Voltage:DC 5V 1A
Rated Power:≤0.5W

Inside the box

Fountain X1 Filter X1 Instruction manual X1