Avoid Kitty Boredom
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Cats are born hunters by nature.
Petoneer Play Dot is born to stimulate cats' chasing and hunting instincts bringing out the hunter in your kitty. Our furry ones can now play on their own when staying alone at home. The interactive cat companionship can be an easy experience for pet owners.
The Best Smart Toy
Keeping kitty indoors will keep them becoming overly bored.
Why not give kitty a smart teasing toy to keep them entertained every single minute. Even during pet parents' absence, kitty will have fun all day!
It's really boring to stay at home alone!
Get Entertained and Avoid Obesity.
Multi-angle and multi-track
Three different trajectories and three modes are made at three different angles. Happiness always outlasts boredom with kitty high with the red beam.
Joy is in every moment!
Small Middle Large
Tease cats with red light easily!
*Please avoid direct exposure to human and pets' eyes.
Automatically Turns on by Schedule
All with just one tap on the app to set schedules, your beloved kitty will engage in chasing and playing.
Cat companionship should be easy and peace of mind!
App-enhanced Experience for Happy Meowing Cat
Non-directional rotating is achieved, thanks to the smart phone's gravity acceleration sensors. Seamless acceleration without interruption by gear shifts is delivered by Continuously Variable Transmission, also known as stepless transmission. Your loved kitty chases and hits wildly at the tiny red dot on the wall, purring, meowing, and batting at the beam of light.
Excitement fills every pore, pleasure streaks across the body.
Walls and floors turn into fun playgrounds.
Details make the design
Lovely Cat Shape
Portable with a USB adapter or power bank
Invisible button design: Sleek body without button
Powered by Tuya
All of our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled products are powered by TUYA, which means the petoneer devices are compatible with all other TUYA products worldwide using the TuyaSmart app. Our app is natively on the Tuya core protocol and framework to deliver state of the art, reliable, and secure connected experience to you and your loved furry ones. Tuya's no-code and visualized development help us deliver the customized app on the fly. With its fastest response time to an app or voice control hub, we can concentrate on the UI and UX.
Product Info
Description: Smart Dot
Model: PTY010/TY011
Applicable to:Cat
Power Input: DC5V 1A
Size and Weight

Size( Diameter ×Height):90mm×122mm

The Petoneer app is for users set and control the feeder, and is available to download now from the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Click or scan QR code to download the app.
Environmental Requirements
Operating temperature: 32°F-104°F(0℃-40℃)
Relative humidity: 10%-90% non-condensing
Storage temperature: 14°F-158°F(-10℃-70℃)
Storage humidity: 5%-75% non-condensing
Contents included

Smart Dot
1.2m(3.94 feet) Micro USB Cable


  • Smart Dot 說明書 V1.0