Petoneer Smart
Odor EliminatorPro
Enhanced sterilization and deodorization for your loved pet!
Sterilization and
360° without
Blind Spot
USB Charging
Unstoppable odor, invisible bacteria
The daily odor of our furry friends' toilet is a challenge to pet parents. The invisible bacteria threaten the pet's health. Petoneer Smart Odor Eliminator Pro is newly upgraded to deliver a clean environment for the pet continuously.
Deodorization Doubled, Purification Multiplied
Deodorization doubled: Active oxygen + negative ions, 360 degrees reaching every corner without dead ends, complete sterilization and deodorization, removing odors but without traces, delivering a fresh and natural breathing atmosphere for pets and shit shovelers.
Active oxygen
Deodorizing and sterilizing
Negative ions
Dusting down
*Sterilization rate:99.91% (REPORT#:2020SP10778R01)
*Odor Removal:84.8% (REPORT#:2020SP10778R02)
Strong ozone penetration and robust decomposition
The eliminator can spread across the entire space, decomposing to reduce stench and odor. It can effectively destroy the bacteria's cell wall, inhibit bacterial reproduction, and prevent cross-infection.
Negative ions reassure purification
In parallel with a negative ion module, this odor eliminator releases a high concentration of negative ions and actively shoots down the litter dust to further protect the cat's breathing health.
Negative ions reassure purification
In parallel with a negative ion module, this odor eliminator releases a high concentration of negative ions and actively shoots down the litter dust to further protect the cat's breathing health.
Bluetooth Control, Smart Monitoring
After connecting the device with Bluetooth, you can check its battery level and the number of times the cat enters the toilet through the Petoneer APP, staying on top of the cat's health.

*According to the trigger times of the infrared sensor, you can use this as a reference to estimate the number of times the cats going to the toilet. This data cannot be used as a source for judging the cat’s health or diagnosing diseases.
Working around the clock to make you worry-free
The eliminator is working around the clock, emitting for 15 seconds every 15 seconds, nonstop purifying the odor, bacteria and dust in the air. It is designed to be easy to operate: just turn on the device, and you will have peace of mind all day.
Safer with High-sensitivity Infrared Sensor
The high-sensitivity infrared sensor covers the entire area without blind spots and accurately detects whenever the cat enters and exits. It will stop working after the cat enters the toilet. After the cat leaves for one minute, the devices resume purifying the air continuously.
Tiny But Mighty
The deodorizer is suitable for 0.125m3 space, ideal for relatively closed space. It can work on various litter boxes, such as semi-enclosed cat litter, enclosed cat litter, top-entry cat litter, and automatic litter boxetc.
Semi-closed cat toilet
Fully enclosed cat toilet
Top-entry cat toilet
Automatic cat litter box
It can be used in more daily life scenarios, such as shoe cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, refrigerators, etc.
Shoes cabinet
Bowl cabinet
Cloth cabinet
Trash can with lid
Larger Capacity Li-ion Battery, Longer Working Time
Extra batteries and external power supply are not needed. With the built-in 2600 mAh large-capacity lithium battery, the eliminator can work for up to 4-7 days when fully charged. Whenever the battery is low, the battery indicator flashes red to remind you to recharge in time.
*The battery life data comes from the real simulation test of the cat toilet in Petoneer. Because the environment varies by different pet families, the battery life will be slightly different.
LED Status Indicator
Operation Power On Flashes three times in blue and then turns off.
Power Off Flashes one time in blue and then turns off.
Working Stand by: Blue LED turns off
Motion detected: LED flashes three times in BLUE
Sterilizing: Dimming in blue
Connected: Steady blue
Factory Reset Long-press for 10 seconds until LED blinks blue 3 times
Battery Charging Steady red
Fully Charged LED is off
Low Battery Blink red
save money
Anti-fall mount bracket
Invisible button to prevent
unintended operation
reversible and easier to plug
Seeing is Believing
3D Viewing:
Feel every detail at every angle!
Click and drag to view the image.
Experience with AR!
Use AR to imagine how Petoneer Odor Eliminator Pro will look, feel, and fit in your home. Use your Apple devices camera to scan the QR code or open this page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad for an AR preview of Petoneer Odor Eliminator Pro from every angle.
*The shown dimensions may differ from those of the actual product.
**iOS 13, iPadOS 13, ARCore 1.9, or higher Required.
Powered by Tuya
All of our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled products are powered by TUYA, which means the petoneer devices are compatible with all other TUYA products worldwide using the TuyaSmart app. Our app is natively on the Tuya core protocol and framework to deliver state of the art, reliable, and secure connected experience to you and your loved furry ones. Tuya's no-code and visualized development help us deliver the customized app on the fly. With its fastest response time to an app or voice control hub, we can concentrate on the UI and UX.
We are Certified, We are Qualified!
Petoneer products comply with the laws and regulations into each country we ship. Our products are designed, tested and approved to meet worldwide standards for Product Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility and other regulatory compulsory requirements, when used for their intended purpose.

Contents included

Petoneer Smart Odor Eliminator Pro*1
Mount bracket*1
USB Type-C to USB-A Cable*1
Foam Sticker*2

Tech Specs

Name:Petoneer Smart Odor Eliminator Pro
Net Weight:121g
Applicable Space:0.125m³
Rated Power:0.35W
Working Voltage:DC 3.4V~4.2V


  • Odor Eliminator Pro Instruction Manual V1.0