UV Sanitizing Pen!
Cleaner Water With a Magic Wand!
High sterilization efficiency with a portable, lightweight wand!
Pet Health Is Our Responsibility
USB Charging
High sterilization efficiency to eliminate over 99% of bacteria.
UV-C radiation, with a wavelength ranging from 253.7 nm, attacks the vital DNA of the bacteria directly. The bacteria lose their reproduction capability and are destroyed. Even parasites, like Cryptosporidia or Giardia, which are extremely resistant to chemical disinfectants, are efficiently reduced.
Versatile for multiple occasions
The wand can be placed and stirred in the pet water fountain, or be hold to carry out mobile sterilization of the pet supplies.
Two modes @ one button
Micro button at the end with lifetime of 10,000 clicks gives one click Convenience and flexibility of switching between 2 modes.
More stable and longer with Cold Cathode
This wand is using the state of the art Cold Cathode UV technology with life time of 15000 hours, much longer than the hot cathode counterparts.
High Capacity of 2200 mAh with Micro USB
Power by 2200mAh lithium battery, you can get peace of mind with 150 minutes' sterilization. Charged with USB or a power bank, sterilization can be processed any time and anywhere!
Functional Can Be Beautiful: Integrity, Simplicity and Water Resistance.
The high-strength polyacrylonitrile material is used. The integrated process makes the different parts connected and sealed. White sleek design brings the touch of art. The rounded square shape can effectively prevent rolling down.
Seeing is Believing
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Tech Specs
Product Info
Description: Petoneer UV Sanitizing Pen
Model: PUL010
Size and weight

Material: ABS
Size: 196mm*29mm*30mm
Weight: 137g
UV Tube
Type: UVC(Ultraviolet C)
Wavelength: 254nm
Tube Lifespan: 15,000 Hours
Germicidal Rate:99%
Work Mode
90 Seconds / 1 Hour
Battery Type: Lithium
Battery Life: 2.5 hours (continuous work, no stop)
Power Input: DC 5V
Current Input : 800mA~1000mA(Constant Current)
Interface:Micro USB
Rated Voltage: DC 3.4V~4.2V
Operating Current : < 800mA
Undervoltage Protection: ≤3.4V±0.1V
Environmental Requirements
Operating temperature:32°F-104°F(0℃~40℃)
Storage temperature: 23°F-104°F(-5℃~40℃)
Contents included
UV Sanitizing Pen
Portable pen bag
Micro USB Cable


  • UV Sanitizing Pen Instruction Manual V1.0