A smart way to cozy up your pets!
Cozy Sofa
Help Your Pet Cozy Up!
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The smart way
to cozy up your pets!

Hybrid Cooling
& Heating
App Control
Easy Setup
Enclosure Design
Cooling & Heating through Seasons
Keeps cool in the summer
and warm in the winter
with a tap in the app!

Cozy is born to
improve our hairy friends' sleep!

Our loved one may not have slept in such a comfortable bed ever. Whether it is hot in the summer or cold in the winter, Cozy can recognize the ambient temperature and automatically adjust to a suitable temperature for sleep.
Our furry family deserves a unique and comfortable sleeping experience.

Cool and Warm Instantly

Bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3) is a gray powder compound of bismuth and tellurium, also known as bismuth(III) telluride. It is a semiconductor, which, when alloyed with antimony or selenium, is an efficient thermoelectric material for refrigeration or portable power generation. With smart thermal control, the sofa can switch between cooling and heating modes instantly, just for our furry family!

Heat & Cool Efficiently

Get immersed in the temperature of love!
The built-in thermoelectric cooling(TEC) unit uses the Peltier effect to pass current to achieve rapid cooling and heating. The process is completely free of Freon and pollution.

High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Plate

The unit transfers the temperature evenly to the panel with a high-quality and high thermal conductivity aluminum plate of 30cm diameter and 2mm thickness. Your loved one's skin can breathe naturally!

High Thermal Conductivity Aluminum Plate

The unit transfers the temperature evenly to the panel with a high-quality and high thermal conductivity aluminum plate of 30cm diameter and 2mm thickness. Your loved one's skin can breathe naturally!
30 Temperature
28 Temperature

Heating and cooling control

The built-in high-precision sensor can monitor the temperature inside and outside of the sofa in real-time for intelligent thermal control.
Petoneer Cozy Sofa gives every pet family a sustainable sense of peace of mind and happiness.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo Module

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo Module enriches the set-up experience by allowing faster Bluetooth pairing to transfer the Wi-Fi credentials.
Set-up is on the fly!

App Control

Control and monitor anywhere, anytime!
  • Automatic Constant Thermal Control

    It will automatically adjust to a suitable temperature after starting up.
  • Manual Thermal Control

    You can manually set the temperature from 20 to 38 °C.
  • Timer

    According to your pet's sleep routine, the timer will automatically turn on or off the sofa at a set time.
Flower Booming
10-20 dB
Petoneer Cozy Sofa
≤33 dB
Normal Conversation
40-50 dB
Hi-speed motor rotating
≤65 dB
Car horn
≥ 90 dB
Running quietly and
blending into the peaceful time
The special air duct design works parallel with the super silent turbofan while not disturbing our furry family's comfortable and peaceful sleep. The sofa simply blends into the environment that our loved ones wake up naturally after the sweet dream!

Only a kWh for 4 days

Keep on all day with low electric bills. Love should be worry-free.
Thanks to the innovative cooling and heating control system, even if it is turned on 24 hours a day, the sofa consumes only 0.24 degrees of electricity per day. Electric bills is lowered.
Petoneer is committed to a comfortable, healthy, environment-friendly and low energy philosophy in caring for pets.
Embrace-style Enclosure Design
With the ergonomic cat's body shaping considered, sitting in the Petoneer Cozy Sofa is comfortable.
The embrace-style enclosing brings the feeling of being hugged, just like being in the arms of the pet parent.
Water-repellent Scratch-resistant Mat
This cooling gel mat is designed to provide cooling relief to your pet when they feel the heat. Filled with cooling gel, the mat is water-repellent and not easy to be stained and scratch-resistant.
Working with Cozy sofa, the mat can help cool, absorb heat, conduct heat quickly. Our loved furry friends can sit and lie comfortably and enjoy the cooling.
Quality Breathes Into Every Detail
Minimal and Stylish in Classic Color
Simple and comfortable, and the fat cat is also worry-free to sit or crouch. The classic color is versatile to blend into all kinds of home-styles circumstances.
Status visualized by LED
Pulsing in blue: cooling in Manual mode
Pulsing in red: heating in Manual mode
Pulsing in green: auto mode
Steady in green: set temperature is reached
Reversible Type-C
With USB Type-C as power input, plugging is reversible to save flipping or worrying about plugging it upside down.
Structural stability
The stable four-corner structure is not easy to tip over.
Safe PP(Polypropylene)
Scratch-resistant, environment-safe, non-toxic and tasteless.
Unibody Design
In a simple structure, the whole unit is easy to clean with a dry cloth.
Tech Specs
Product Info
Description: Petoneer Cozy Sofa
Model: PH001
Size and Weight
Dimensions: 434x431x296mm 17.07*16.97*11.65in
Weight: About 3.1KG 6.83 lbs
Other Parameters
Power Input:DC5V 3A
Power Interface: USB Type-C
Communication: Wi-Fi(2.4GHz)
Suitable Pets: Cats and Small Size Dogs
Contents included

Cozy Sofa
Cool Gel Mat
USB Type A toType C Cable (1.2M)
5V 3A Power Supply
Wood Leg*4